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Boat reantal near me? Are you looking for the perfect boat to explore the stunning coastlines from Naples to Amalfi, Postiano and Capri? Look no further! Our Evo R4 43 feet rental service you the ideal combination of luxury, performance, and comfort. Whether you’re planning a day trip around Capri or an extended cruise along the Amalfi coast, this adaptable boat meets all your needs.

Evo Yacht the perfect choice: discover Evo 43

The Evo 43 is renowned for its innovative design and superior performance. With an overall length of 13 meters (43 feet) and a beam of 4.30 meters (12 feet), this boat is spacious enough to accommodate your friends and family comfortably.

Equipped with two inboard engines Volo IPS 600 ranging from 435 horsepower, the Evo Yacht 43 can reach speeds of 24 to 36 knots, making it the our EVO R4 it also boasts a range of luxurious features designed to enhance your boating experience.

Evo Yacht 43 is a highly technological boat, it has the ability to increase its stern surface up to a maximum of 27 m2, thanks to the extension of the side walls. Furthermore, the stern platform is completely movable and can be extended, raised or immersed in the water. We are sure you have never tried a boat like this!

Boat rent in Naples to explore the Amalfi Coast and beyond

If you are looking for a boat rental in Naples renting the Evo R4 is the best way to experience the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the nearby regions, let’s find out why this speed boat renatal is what you need for an exciting day.
Our boat rental service is located in a convenient location in the center of Naples, thanks to our support you will easily get on board our  Evo Yacht 43 and leave for the Amalfi Coast or the Islands. If you are looking for a boat rental near me, our Evo R4 and its captain are waiting to welcome you with a welcome drink and start your adventure.

Boat from Naples to Capri ? Rent our Evo Yacht 43

Rent our Evo Yacht 43 if you need a boat from Naples to Capri, by choosing our boat rental services, you ensure an exclusive, smooth and pleasant sailing experience, adapted to your preferences and needs. Our Evo R4 is a fast rental boat useful for moving around Capri quickly and safely and with a series of luxury concierge services capable of making your transfer a pleasant walk.

Yacht charter Amalfi and Postiano

Discover the charming towns and hidden coves along the Amalfi Coast, enjoy the lively culture of its seaside villages from a unique vantage point on the water. For all those looking for a luxurious and exciting experience, our yacht charter service for Amalfi is what you need for a holiday in total relaxation and fun.
Rent the Evo R4 not only for Amalfi, this splendid boat with low consumption is also available for those looking in Postiano yacht in charter.

Rent a boat tender for super yachts

Our charter brokerage agency specializes in exclusive services also for those who own a superyacht of 40 meters or more. This service is also available for superyacht charter and consists of the possibility of renting our Evo 43 as a tender yacht for your ship, this will facilitate your travel, our agency provides this service in the form of luxury concierge, we will deliver the boat to you where serves, clean and ready for use, both with our captain and without, allowing the ship’s crew to take possession of the boat with a bareboat rental agreement.

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